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Flip your life

To get your creativity unstuck. Come join a small group, where you will learn how to get unstuck and effectively cultivate new insights and perspective using our popular and proven FlipIt™ model.

This highly effective and fun process will be facilitated by me and it is a single 90 mins virtual session.


Creativity Splash

You will be learning the ARTbundance™ Philosophy. It is a fun  approach of self-discovery through creativity, based on the 9 ARTbundance Principles and the exciting utility of ARTsignments™: unique exercises that use art and creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation.

This program consists of 10 weeks of  90 minutes session, held in a small group virtual setting.


Bite-Size Coaching

As a creative, your brilliant ideas pop-up in the most interesting of places and time. A structured coaching program may not be right for you. Bite-Size Coaching is especially designed to give you the maximum flexibility in how you work with me. We design our ways of working together, so that I can support you real time, on demand. Interested? Let's chat!

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